New product/General tab

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Product name

Product name displayed on the web site and in the shopping cart.

Product number

Product number (serial number or SKU number) for your records.


Product description used for special product listings.


Product price in the main currency.


Indicates if product can be added to the shopping cart.


The department that is responsible for this product.


The manufacturer of the product.


The supplier of the product.

Public status

Status of the product displayed to site visitors - e.g. Available immediately.

Internal status

Status of the product determining if it should be e.g. displayed in the Featured products box.

Availability (days)

Number of days required for processing the order (e.g. the order may require 1 day so that you get the product from the distributor).

Product image URL

URL of the product image.

Product weight

Weight in your chosen unit.

Product height

Height in your chosen unit.

Product width

Width in your chosen unit.

Product depth

Depth in your chosen unit.

Available items

Number of items available in stock.

Sell only if items are available

Indicates if customers can purchase only quantity that is in stock (checked box).